Simple Ways To Maintain Your Beauty Even At 60

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look beautiful at 60

Age is not a matter if you have a fresh mind, you can look like young. Even you can make your beauty at the age of 60. If you want to look good at 60 years of age, you have to follow some tips to maintain your appearance. Simply you have to concentrate on your dress, facial products to reduce the age and take care of your health.

to look good at 60 years of age

Tips to maintain your beauty

Don’t use powder to your face.

It makes more lines in your face and looks so aged. Your skin gets dry after some age, so you try to use some stick foundation.

If you want to reduce the wrinkles, you can use retinol cream or fluid. It has vitamin A which helps to increase the collagen production and normalize the cell renewal process.

You have to maintain your hairstyle. You can try simple, stylish and suitable hairstyle. You have to maintain your hair condition. Try to find some hairstyles for women over 60 here.

looking good at 60

Make your lips rosy

You have to choose soft tones like rose or berry or restore natural lip colors. Then finish with the bit of gloss which adds plump and trace with a clear lip liner to get a natural look.

Brighten your teeth

You have to remove the yellow, stained or tiny teeth which may increase your age look. You can use baking soda and two drops of hydrogen peroxide to clean your teeth.

Protect your skin

You have to protect your skin from the direct sunrays to look beautiful at 60. You have to use sunscreen every day morning and complete day.  You have to maintain your body health condition. Do regular exercise and workouts to maintain your weight. Overweight may increase your age look.

Wear suitable and comfortable clothes. You have to stitch a perfect size and wear modern designs.

Eye makeup

Maintain your eye brightness

You can use eye cream of medium-dark shades. You can also use the eye pencil to maintain your eye beauty.

Maintain your nails

You can apply the sheer coat or a pale pink to appear your hand younger.

Take healthy food

You have to avoid junk foods and oily foods. Eat more fruits and vegetables which give natural shining to your skin tone. If you are drinking excess water regularly, you are looking good at 60.

If you want to keep your look young, you have to keep your mind fresh and always have a joyful mind.